Top Square Dancing at International Festival

When you think of Saskatchewan you normally think of hockey, right?

Well, here is a great bunch of young square dancers performing at the Metis Fall Festival in Prince Albert!

Takes a lot of endurance to do this kind of extreme square dancing. Most times, you will not hear any modern western square dance caller giving instruction because the dancers already have memorized the routine and they have practiced it over and over again.

Clogging is a much different form of dance in the square dance activity that takes a lot more dedication to practice and the participants must be in great physical condition. The types of music varies from traditional square dance music to the modern styles, incorporating hip-hop and other modern street dance moves fused together.

There are four organisations that oversee competitive events in the modern American clog and square dancing world.

The oldest existing group, the National Clogging and Hoedown Council, began in 1974 and is has since became the C.L.O.G. National Clogging Organization. The grand championships are held annually at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee on each September. The National Clogging and Hoedown Council has been the most influential in establishing the basic scoring and rules guidelines that have evolved into the art of square dance clogging and the protocol for competition. Information about the organisation can be found on its website at .

The non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of the old time square dance and clogging, America’s Clogging Hall of Fame (ACHF) was founded by Dan and Sandy Angel in 1981. ACHF runs several square dance clogging competitions throughout the year where both teams and individual dancers can qualify to compete in the ACHF National Championships.

Cloggers dancing at the National Championships have the opportunity to be inducted into America’s Clogging Hall of Fame. Only 2 cloggers are honored with this award. Another requirement is the cloggers must have been clogging for at least 25 years and have had a great impact in the preservation of the clogging square dance activity. College scholarships are also awarded annually for up to three deserving winners.After winning two different dancing competitions, then there is a World Championship Dance-off. This event is the final qualifying for all grand champion solo winners at each sanctioned event earn and they earn the opportunity to compete in October for a chance to dance on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

Shaun Werkele square dance calls and teaches many levels of dancing primarily in the Colorado region, from the very basic 10-20 square dance figures at a party event to the Mainstream level, Plus level, Advanced (A-1 &A-2) to Challenge (C-1).

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