Colorado Modern Western Square Dance Caller Doing FISH Dance

On Thursday May 7, 2015 the luck will be with all the fishermen and square dancers! At the Rockytops Denver Colorado square dance club there will be a donation dance to benefit the Broomfield FISH Food Bank with a donation taken from all dancers that attend the event.

This will be a very fun event with lots of themed plans for food and fun worked into the program! Looking forward to lots of great square dancing, as well!
And this is a great way to donate to a cause that needs all the local support it can get! And there is one fantastic side benefit to being involved in a “benefit” type of dance. It benefits YOU, because you get to enjoy feeling good about yourself in helping others.
Here is the flyer (click on it to enlarge):

Colorado Rockytops Square Dance Fisherman's Luck Promo Flyer










FOR MORE INFORMATION on preferred food items to donate at this dance go to

Healthy Food List:

Hope to see you at what promises to be a great local Denver square dance event ! If you have a question, feel free to call me!

Best Regards,

Shaun Werkele


Evening of Square Dancing: The Video!


Great video covering what square dancing is all about and this even covers clearing up some misconceptions about square dancing!

The square dance recreation has something to offer all people of all ages, whether they are single or they already have a partner to dance with.

Most cities from coast to coast offer instruction sponsored by non-profit square dance clubs that are taught by a professional square dance caller  who teaches the classes weekly. Local areas in major cities offer beginner square dance hoedowns.

Some areas across the country offer traditional and historic square dance classes and some groups go so far as to offer combination modern and historic instruction in their programs. The music can vary quite a bit, and there usually is a combination of classic square dance choreography and country style music, along with more modern music that the square dance caller offers to the dancers through a catalog of the latest recordings that are amplified in a hall or recreation center.

Whether you are single or you already have a partner, find out for yourself more about one of our great national past times, modern square dancing and call 303-250-4735 for more information on fun, fitness and friendship set to music!

Shaun Werkele