Modern Western Square Dance Calling Performances

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Live Performances of the Ultimate Professional Modern Western Square Dance Caller


Modern Western Square Dance Calling at Square Dance Events Locally in the Colorado Front Range and Beyond …

Not content to call the same basic routine, Shaun Werkele is always expanding his musical catalog and arsenal of choreographic ideas. The following musical excerpts reveal Shaun as a spiritually and physically expressive square dance caller who harnesses his artistic mastery of the calling art as he embellishes that with a palette of articulated timing and stratospheric soaring performance:

Modern square dancing can be most enjoyable when the caller creates engaging dance movements and choreography off the cuff. The dancers have no idea what will be called next, and the caller or instructor will incorporate leading-edge choreographic sequences and combinations of calls that may not be very predictable. These renditions instill a creative blend of both touches of the past and shifts into the future of square dance calling:

These local and national square dance calling performances display a varied and diverse sonic square dance language that blends many different genres of music:



The above selections richly present an indispensable square dance resource for exhibiting, entertaining, and for other callers to learn how to call – by which all can draw from and expand upon this evolving musical heritage based in the square dance tradition. All square dancing is a social activity that is united nationally by entertainment and a unique dance form – present day music that is rooted in the history of American musical traditions  and choreography figures that have also evolved over many years.

Catch Shaun out on the road today, or better yet, contact Shaun and hire him to call in your local area, whether your needs are for a

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Shaun Werkele