Square Dance Calling: Traditional Ideas In Modern Western Square Dance!

When you want to spice up your square dance calling approach, I recommend that you take a look at what has been done in the past and put a new twist on it. Just think about how many modern artists, musicians and creative persons in the everyday walk of life throughout our history have piggybacked off of ideas that were previously created. Many have used ideas, concepts and inventions that had influenced them in creating directly from their own past. Very often, before they even became successful, they took that idea, incorporated it into their catalog of ideas, perhaps changing it a bit, and voila! A new and influential idea becomes popular and is used in the mainstream of life.

ONE THING!: Try replacing and inserting this simple two call combination at least twice in an evening’s dance with a traditionally based call like a very simple Circle Up Four Halfway:
Right & Left Thru   Veer Left
Replace with:
Circle 4 Halfway   Veer Left

Square dance callers can use this device to launch new ideas through creativity.  Combining traditional and modern square dance ideas is a great way to do this kind of thing. You can really spice up a program by putting a new and exciting presentation of traditional ideas within your choreography in a night’s dance.

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Old traditional square dance choreography figures and even the rhyming “filler” language that was used in the dances of yesteryear can be incorporated in between any type of  modern square dance figures and in the delivery of square dance calls everywhere, at any dancing level. Here is an example. Try replacing and inserting this traditionally based timing/filler word phrase and memorizing it. Then you can use this when the square dancers are executing a Right & Left Grand in an evening’s dance and inject some “old style” into the night:

Right & Left Grand- a Grando Right and a Left go round a hand and hand and a meet your Partner- Promenade ago round

Replace with:

Right & Left Grand- a Grand Right and a go and a high and low and a meet your Beau- Promenade ago round

This kind of change-up can be a “ONE THING” idea you can use in your practice regimen. Building a large arsenal of both choreography ideas and fun filler words in your performances can strengthen your calling program and lead you to improvement, raise dancer’s abilities and help out the entire square dance activity by leaps and bounds!

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In the end, make it a tradition to use traditional square dance calls from the past and inject some strong, interesting and seemingly “new” and fresh ideas into your game of entertaining in the modern arena!

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Shaun Werkele





Mission Statement: The purpose of this post is to create a greater visibility of the square dance activity for future dance population growth on a national and local level. The coaching information provided here serves as a source for square dance caller education, training, and perspectives on dance. Future articles will be developed to improve the programs of square dancing and how those learning to square dance call can help contribute to the preservation of both modern western square dancing and traditional square dancing and to aid in the growth of the square dance activity.