Denver Square Dancing at the National Western Stock Show

Square Dancing in Denver at the National Western Stock Show

Fantastic fun and square dancing at the National Western Stock Show with square dance caller Shaun Werkele who called the event at the Denver National Western Stock Show on Sunday, January 11 for a well received group of volunteer dancers from the audience on the main floor of the Hall of Education. The event lasted about an hour and it was a highly fun and energetic set of simple square dances taught from the beginning and basic square dance figures, and there was no need for prior lessons, experience, or costumes.

Great Square Dance Calling in ColoradoShaun provided an easy to follow set of instructions, and the people from the crowd were able to join in at any time between the breaks. What was really great about this square dance party was that any and all could join whether they were dancing novices or experienced dancers, children, adults, grandparents, it did not matter. And the styles of music that Shaun used for dancing varied from old-time western dance music to modern western square dance music, rock and roll, and even modern techno-dance!


Hear a sample of the fun below:





One way Shaun successfully pulled together the dancers from the crowd by telling them there was “no experience necessary.” His square dance calling style was warm, friendly, and kept at an easy pace. He did a fantastic job of making everyone feel comfortable that joined in the dancing festivities and the result was a relaxed and fun time for all that participated.



Modern Western square dancing is a fun and effective way to bring people together on a social level that presents an exciting and different gathering, party, or get-together, such as a huge event like the National Western Stock Show. This is a great and effective way to have fun together, enjoying music and dance at this annual event.

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Best Square Dance Caller for Great Teen Dancers at Festival!

Fun Square Dancing at the 65th Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival

2014 – This is a really fun square dancing festival and it is is shown to call out to a lot of enthusiastic and competitive hard-practicing bunch of young square dancers stepping it out to some great square dance calling!

The dance music is a singing call classic “Mountain Music” and the song is filled with a great high energy square dance calling, as it is danced in a unique styling all of it’s own.

Teen and Adult Dancers from the United States and Canada competed earlier in the day at the 65th annual dance festival. This is crucial to this activity – youth – they are the very future of square dancing. To all the British Columbia competitors in the upcoming festival in 2015 we look forward to seeing some of the great good spirted dancing to some of the best, compete in good spirit, and remember that, in the end, square dancing is just plain fun! For the competitors, it’s preparation and practice time for the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival that makes watching the square dance event so great.

Practice is taken very seriously for this competition. Dancing is practiced to a weekly modern western square dance caller. Typically,for the first part of the evening the pre-teens and teens practice their squares. The caller selects the dancers for each square and those squares each have a more experienced dancer as a coach. What happens then is the  squares out on the dance floor each practice independently with their respective more experienced dancing partner “coaches.”

This festival is known to foster a unique styling in its competitors. For instance, in a promenade, the girls are taught to continually flare the outside of their dresses with their right hands while all of the boys keep their left hands neatly positioned behind in the small of the girls’ backs. Posture becomes a very important part of the judging in these competitions. Those good dance practices and good styling tips will carry through for these younger square dancers into their adult dance years. There are great lifelong benefits to square dancing!

Practice is taken very seriously. For the first part of the evening the pre-teens practice their squares. The caller selects the dancers for each square and those squares each have a more experienced dancer as a coach. Oh, and by the way, calling to teens is a real fun experience! They have so much excitement and energy and enthusiasm calling to youth square dancers is absolutely top notch!  Beyond that, all the dancers concentrate on the modern square dance choreography in the exhibition dance routines.

Costuming is a big factor in preparation for the festival if the dancers are competing. The whole club or exhibition square dance group will be clothed in matching outfits!  This usually requires costume-making, particularly the girls’ dress oufits and the boys’ shirts.


Then comes the costume dress rehearsal! The routines must be tested in at least one square dance attire rehearsal and this takes place just before the actual square dance caller and dancer event. This is televised on a local cable station. The hall is decorated for the festivities, the dancers show their routines before the many watchful eyes, and trophies are awarded to the dancers in categories such as “best sportsmanship.”



Youth square dancing is a vital part of the activity. There is a lot happening with square dancing locally and square dancing nationally, so contact your local square dance council to find square dancing classes for such a fun and different experience!

Shaun Werkele

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Modern Square Dance Calling is in the New High Energy Music and Great Choreography

Modern square dance calling is in the new high energy music and great choreography!
Square dance calling is an extension of a caller’s personal style, which may take years upon years to develop. The timing of square dancing and the calling to a square is defined by the phrasing of the music, and obviously the tempo and energy that is in the dance is reflected in the song that is chosen to call to. Collections of recently composed and other favorite square dance music for callers to use are available in print either as digital files or on MP3 discs, enabling new square dance callers to develop huge libraries of music for dancing practically overnight! The main characteristic of modern western square dance calling is in the caller’s ability to alter a dance at will – the caller, musicians, and dancers all function together as one unit.

There are two different ways to call modern square dance choreography. Either through “sight” calling, which is an extemporaneous sequence of dance moves, or written, “memorized” calling.

If the dance is a “live” situation, the caller remains involved throughout the evening of dancing as a link between the musicians and the dancers. If the caller uses pre-recorded square dance music, the music will be more structured and controlled, but with great square dance calling there is a lot of excitement because of the often unpredictable calls.

Because of this freer more “off the cuff” form, dancers remain attentive and more tuned in to the calls and music than with other forms of western style dance music.

Looking for the best square dance caller you can find that calls modern western square dance music? Look no further. Call Shaun Werkele today and schedule an eventful and fun and energy filled and different entertainment experience that is fun and different! Shaun has tons of experience calling at National Square Dance Conventions, one-night stands, and all levels, beginning dancing at Mainstream to Advance (A-1 & A-2) through Challenge (C-1), and Shaun would love to call for your group or club in the future!

Have a Great Day!

Shaun Werkele