International Modern Square Dancing & Calling Is Simply Best!

This is a most enjoyable exhibition of fun dancing in the “modern”style of western square dancing and the dancers are from France. This features some of the best square dance calling that can be found.

Modern square dance is a worldwide entertainment activity. Square dancing is in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Japan, and is not exclusive to just the United States. Some really great professional square dance callers travel and have called in countries such as Australia, South Africa, France, and many other countries.

The calls are always in English, even in other countries worldwide. The styling may be different in those other countries, but the modern square dance choreography generally is very standard everywhere, and the same can be said about square dancing nationally. Professional square dance calling sometimes can be glamorous job, and fulfilling, in that it is part of preserving and promoting the best of square dancing!

Exhibitions are a showcase event at the national conventions and they are enjoyed by all. So there is more than just actual dancing for the attendees of the Convention to participate in.

Most traveling square dance callers attend and are featured in many of the calling slots for dance tips at the National Square Dance Convention and some professional square dance callers conduct caller training sessions and panels at the Convention.

Evening of Square Dancing: The Video!


Great video covering what square dancing is all about and this even covers clearing up some misconceptions about square dancing!

The square dance recreation has something to offer all people of all ages, whether they are single or they already have a partner to dance with.

Most cities from coast to coast offer instruction sponsored by non-profit square dance clubs that are taught by a professional square dance callerĀ  who teaches the classes weekly. Local areas in major cities offer beginner square dance hoedowns.

Some areas across the country offer traditional and historic square dance classes and some groups go so far as to offer combination modern and historic instruction in their programs. The music can vary quite a bit, and there usually is a combination of classic square dance choreography and country style music, along with more modern music that the square dance caller offers to the dancers through a catalog of the latest recordings that are amplified in a hall or recreation center.

Whether you are single or you already have a partner, find out for yourself more about one of our great national past times, modern square dancing and call 303-250-4735 for more information on fun, fitness and friendship set to music!

Shaun Werkele