California State Convention Calling Square Dance Exhibition Team Video

Exhibitions are always a fun feature at State, National or even local modern square dance events! This square dancing exhibition is at the California State Convention at Balboa Park in San Diego on April 8-10 2011 and the songs are called in the “old-time square dancing” style.  The choreography figures are combined in different ways for that particular dance set. This is demonstrated quite well by the the High Country Square Dance Exhibition Team of Colorado and The Heritage Dancers in California. Enjoy!

The square dance caller teaches each one of these dances before they are ever actually danced to the music. This gives all of the dancers the advantage of knowing what to do before  so the movements can be easily executed in an exhibition. The calling leads the dancers at the correct time while they are being done to music, so dancers are able to perform each movement to the music “on cue.” In this style of square dance, when the dancers appear to have mastered a particular set of calls or a certain combination of figures in the song/dance, the caller may stop calling, leaving the dancers to enjoy the choreography movements with music alone. Sometimes the square dance caller will simply sing to the music, and this is what led to the phrase coined,  singing call” in modern square dancing.